What I'm Looking For in a Tech Job

Remote or in Southern California preferable

I prefer remote positions because I do my best work when I’m not distracted by things like how I’m going to get myself to work, being stuck in traffic for hours, figuring out what I’m going to eat throughout the day.

And I get to be with my dog all day, which is the best part.

A positive culture

To me, a positive working environment includes:

  • Treating people with respect, regardless of company status, gender, race, etc.
  • Well-defined development processes, QA, tests
  • Encouragement of good documentation
  • Appreciation of quality
  • Managers who are communicative, and clear in what they expect of me
  • A company that believes its employees are people, not machines
  • Some sort of culture based on something real
  • If it’s a remote position, some sort of attempt to gather people several times a year – I’ve seen that it really helps people work better together once they have gone home
  • Work that is relatively consistent, where I can feel like I am accomplishing something worthwhile and actually contributing. I love feeling useful

Tech, skills

JavaScript, HTML5, and the open web are what excite me. But I am definitely open to learning other languages and tools. I would also be open to a related position like dev-ops. I’m most comfortable on front-end/full-stack projects, but I’ve done back-end-only work and enjoyed that as well.